Terms and Conditions

Throughout these Terms and Conditions the following interpretations apply;

HIRER: The person who hires the bus. The Hirer is the person named on the booking form
SELLER: Us, Crazy Fun Bus (CFB) we agree to sell the services of the CFB to the Hirer subject to all the Terms and Conditions
BOOKING FORM: The document that is completed and signed by the Hirer, in order to make a booking with CFB
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The terms and conditions under which the Seller agrees to do business with the Hirer
VEHICLE: The Crazy Fun Bus or any other vehicle the seller may choose to use to provide the service to the seller
STAFF: The driver or any other personnel employed by Crazy Fun Bus

Terms and Conditions

CFB will supply a service to the Hirer and the Hirer will pay for the service in accordance with the terms and conditions. The Hirer must accept the terms and conditions.

Any variations in the terms and conditions can only be permitted if confirmed in writing by CFB.

A booking is made and a contract formed when CFB receives a booking form from the Hirer, has confirmed that booking to the Hirer, and has subsequently received a deposit of £30.00 from the Hirer.

The booking form must be signed, completed correctly and supplied to CFB within a reasonable time before the booking date. Provisional bookings are held for 7 days only; if you wish to reserve your booking date please ensure that your deposit reaches us before 7 days. All payments by cheque must be received at least 14 days prior to the party date.

Once CFB has received the booking form and deposit from the Hirer, the booking will be secure. Payments by cheque must be received at least 14 days before the booking date. After a deposit has been correctly received, the Hirer may pay the outstanding balance by cash to the CFB driver at the beginning of the hire.

The Hirer must agree to indemnify the Seller in full against loss and expenses incurred by CFB as a result of a cancellation by the Hirer if a cancellation is made 14 days or fewer prior to the date of hire.

The vehicle will normally arrive at the address given on the booking form at the time confirmed. If there is no room to allow the vehicle to be at the address, the Hirer should arrange another suitable venue such as a park, car park or relative’s house; the Hirer should gain permission and pay any fee for the vehicle to park at this venue.

CFB will not take responsibility for any delay in reaching any venue due to road works, traffic chaos or any other highway hazard, no refund will be given. However, if the Seller is unable to attend due to extreme weather conditions, mechanical breakdown, and other uncontrollable circumstances the Seller will refund any monies received by the Hirer or an alternative date booked.

The Hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by any member/guest of the hirer’s group.

The Hirer will also be responsible for any damage caused to the interior of the vehicle as a result of incitement.

The Hirer must ensure that the group/children/guests do not behave in such a way that puts safety to others at risk, or causes damage to the vehicle.

The Hirer must ensure that no food or drink is consumed on the vehicle, except for private hire. When food and drink are allowed this is in the designated area upstairs only, subject to agreement with CFB.

Under no circumstances may there be any smoking on the vehicle.

Chewing gum is forbidden at all times.

No animals are allowed on the bus at any time.

The Hirer must ensure that everyone in their party wears suitable clothing and that necklaces, chains and any other jewellery are removed from party members before playing.

The Hirer must leave the vehicle in a clean and tidy condition to the satisfaction of the driver. All rubbish must be cleared and removed from the vehicle by the end of the hire period.

The Hirer must look after the equipment and ensure that no equipment belonging to CFB is removed from the vehicle at any time.

The Hirer must make themselves known to the driver.

The Hirer must ensure outdoor footwear is removed when entering the vehicle, and that socks are worn at all times. Storage is available on the vehicle for footwear.

The Hirer must make sure that all members of the group have access to a toilet and hand washing facility.

The Hirer must ensure there are two adults on the vehicle at all times who are representing the party and they are responsible for the supervision, safety, and wellbeing of the children during the party. Additional adults must be provided for toilet duties and supervision of children outside the vehicle.

If any member of staff sees members of the group/guest/children jeopardising the safety of others or the vehicle, they will be entitled to remove them from the vehicle and no refund will be due.

The Seller does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, inconvenience, injury or death arising from any accident, breakdown or delay attributing to reasons beyond the Seller’s control.

The Hirer must ensure no one approaches the vehicle until it has completed manoeuvres, the engine has stopped and the main door is opened. No members of the group are to enter the vehicle until they are requested to do so.

The Seller’s liability (other than death or personal injury resulting from the Sellers negligence) for any loss or damage of any nature arising from:

(a) any breach of contract, or
(b) any negligence, breach of statutory or other duty on the part of the Seller, or
(c) in any other way out of or in connection with the non-performance of or purported non-performance of, or failure to perform the services in accordance with the terms and conditions
is limited to the cost of the booking.

The Seller may in its discretion suspend or terminate the supply of any services if the Hirer fails to make payment when the same is due.

The Hirer is not permitted to cancel this agreement except with written consent of the Seller. Cancellation terms are as follows: 30 days before the party – full refund. Within 30 days no refund will be due; however CFB will allow the Hirer a credit for another party time convenient to both parties within 3 months of the original party date.

These conditions form the whole agreement between Hirer and Seller and shall not be removed or varied in any way.

If the Seller is in default of any of its obligations hereunder, it shall not be liable where such default is due to any act of God, war, strike, lockout, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, tempest or other event beyond the reasonable control of the Seller. In such circumstances, the Seller shall give notice to the Hirer where possible, and be released from performance of its obligation hereunder to the extent of supervening impossibility prevents or restricts the Seller’s performance.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to English Law and the Hirer consents to exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in all matters regarding services.